No needs for words 'tween you an I
No need to say a last goodbye
We've grown so close in mind and heart
It seems so cruel that we must part.
The final sound I need to hear
is your soft voice in my ear
Your loving face will fade and dim
as the rush of heaven closes in.


Gembęk's Living Legend Of Music

We had to say good bye to our lovely Muffin age 10,5 years. She became leukemia and was sick for only a short time.

Good bye dear Muffin - you will always live in our hearts.



Hearts can beat - hearts can break
you can make friends and you can loose friends
Friends like you will never be forgotten
you will forever stay in my heart

Naisjöhedens Tambourin Man

Dylan, our happy boy became
13½ years old


    Lacon's Spring Knight, Sunny

It is always hard to say goodbye to a very good friend. When you stand with a 8 weeks old soft and  lovely puppy in your arms, somewhere in your heart you know that besides lot of good times,  adventures and laughs some day you will also have to say goodbye.
In July 2002 we had to say goodbye to Sunny. He became 14 years old. We made this site for him because he was our "once in a lif time" dog. We have and will have many other lovely dogs but never a special friend like Sunny.