We live in the countrysides about 5 km's from Ulfborg in a farm house. Our 5 acres of land is fenced so the dogs enjoy running around free. In our near surroundings we have woods, sea's and the ocean "Vesterhavet" and we all love the daily walks here.

Flemming is a truckdriver and I, Laila is veterinary nurse and work at Holstebro Dyrehospital. My big interest has always been dogs and their behaviour and therefore I have taken an education in clinical ethology and is approved as behavioral consultant for family dogs.

We both train and works with the dogs but the daily work is Laila's domain.

We are very interested in shows, but we also participate in training and some times we participate in retrieving tests/field trials.

All our dogs live in the house with us and so do the litters we may have. For us the most important thing is the social training of the puppies and because of that we take time off from work  (all 8 weeks) when having a litter so that the puppies are very well prepared for their new families and challanges.

Our goal is to breed goldens for family, show and still keep the natural proberty of a hunting dog: to retrieve and please the owner.